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This sister duo wanted to build a company that focused not only on gorgeous events, but on building community and togetherness with every party and soiree. I created branding that fit their mission of creating an atmosphere that supported the people being celebrated through minimalist elegance. 

The hexagonal logo shape was a nod to the company name, and the logo and fonts looked beautiful on business cards, stickers, and promotional materials. 

"Jared was so great about asking the right questions. It never felt like he was sitting across the table from us, but rather next to us, working with us to create something that we're really excited about. He cared not only about the branding, but about what we were wanting to build and why; he was really invested in the project from start to finish, and we love what he created". -Makayla, co-owner of Honeycomb Event Design


Etude Piano Studio

Etude Piano Studio Poster Design Marketing Collateral Anchor Point Design

Etude Piano Studio is run by Amanda, who needed branding that would set her apart from the competition as a teacher that was new to teaching in her town. Her passion is teaching students to be well-rounded musicians, rather than just piano players, and she wanted to communicate her mission with modern and clean branding. 

Etude Piano Studio Branding Logo Website Web Design

The font choice for her branding was minimalist, and the letter "d" was made to look slightly like a half note, a nod towards the business being music-based, without having a vector image of an actual musical note. 

Amanda used her marketing materials (which included business cards, posters, and online promotional materials), and filled up her studio within three months, and now has a waitlist of students. She was also awarded Best of Boise from Lessons.com in her first three months of business. 

"I have no doubt that the success I've experienced as a first-year business owner is due, in large part, to how professional and beautiful my branding is. People always comment on how much they like my business cards, and I've had several students tell me they chose me over the competition because my site and marketing materials made me stand out as the "real deal".  Working with Jared was a great experience, and I feel like he totally nailed the feel and heart of my studio." - Amanda, owner of Etude Piano Studio

Hyde Park Plumbing Branding Logo Web Design Website
Jared was nothing short of amazing to work with. His attention to detail was just what was needed. Jared saw the big picture, but was also able to pay attention to the little details with perfection.
— Eric McCray, Hyde Park Plubming
Humankind Photography Brand Branding Logo Design
Jared is nothing short of phenomenal. He is one of the absolute sweetest people you will ever meet, and cares just as much as you do about the success of your brand. He truly understands your brand, vision, and clientele. Jared was diligent with the immediate deadline and his product was beautiful.
— - Jessie Spurgeon, Humankind Photography
Makayla Corin Brand Branding Logo Design Graphic Design

I was so excited when Makaya reached out to me for her esthetics and lash business. It’s always fun getting to know new clients and learn their stories, but there’s also something special about getting to design for someone who’s story is already connected with yours and you’ve been able to see play out. 

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, which means taking care of it is really about taking care of your overall health. Makayla loves educating her clients on skin care while making them feel confident and beautiful through things like lash extensions and facials. Her approach is kind, honest, and confident- which is what we wanted her logo to project. So many logos in the beauty industry are bright and super frilly- but there’s something to be said for beauty that is simple, honest, and timeless. And that’s the kind of care Makayla wants to give her clients. 

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Jared was very upfront about the expectations about how he does business. He was quickly able to come up with a design that I loved. It was a wonderful experience.
— - Jason Forbush, Premier Acres Irrigation