Hi! I'm Jared,

the head and heart behind Anchor Point Design. 


My Story:

After a failed music career post college (I know, I know - is it possible to have a more cliche intro?), I did some serious soul searching while working at a local bank, wondering what the heck I was meant to do in this big wide world.

My wife pointed out that on every piece of music I wrote, every dinner napkin that didn't get immediately thrown away, and even on many of her own assignments from college, there was a constant theme: I was doodling logos, designs, and illustrations on everything. Suddenly it dawned on me: in high school, I'd wanted to pursue graphic design, and had for a time. When college came around and scholarship money and a love for music had come knocking, I'd quickly ditched that dream, but maybe it was time to come back to it.

Fast forward more than five years (pretend there's a musical montage playing that includes many nights staying up until two in the morning devouring everything graphic design related I could get my hands on, working in a corporate setting as the graphic designer for an international company, and eventually realizing my dream to become my own boss), and here we are. 

Anchor Point Design Economic Empowerment Charity non-profit

Anchor Point Design Company isn't just my business; it's my heart. It's my heart and passion to help businesses that are doing good in the world to step up their game and connect with their audience through visual storytelling. It's my heart to use good design to do good - not just for businesses, but for the world at large (which is why 10% of all profits go towards economic empowerment for small business owners and farmers in underdeveloped countries).  

That's why I understand how important it is for your branding to speak on behalf of your business: in a world where consumers make decisions based on visuals, the face of your brand may not only be the first impression they get, but the one that sticks with them throughout their relationship with your company. 

As Simon Sinek puts it, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Let's use beautiful branding to tell people why you do what you do.